13 November 2011


ABOVE Extending out from the open plan living and kitchen area, the deck is a favourite part of this beautiful family home. A striking feature wall constructed from Corten Steel adds texture and depth to the backyard setting.

It was architectural designer Noel Jessop’s biggest challenge yet when he designed a unique home for his family.

Words Soraya Nicholas      Photography Amanda Aitken

After living in a home located to the rear of their property for some time, architectural designer and ADNZ member Noel Jessop, along with wife Kerina, was familiar with the style and feel of their immediate surroundings. He also had a good understanding of what would suit their section, and a greater appreciation for homes designed within tight space constraints. “I really liked the small platform the home we had been living in had been designed to, and because of the size of our building site, it was important the design I created was space conscious,” says Noel. He was conscious of preserving what he could of the existing plantings on the section, for the sake of his own outlook and his neighbours. “Now that the house is complete, I really like lying on the couch, looking back at the kitchen, and seeing the garden and trees through the kitchen windows. There’s a seamless connection between our neighbours' trees and the two large existing Italian alder trees on our property.”

A large totara tree was also retained, with the deck built around it so as not to disturb its existence. Rather than see it as a restriction, Noel was happy to work around the tree, and it was the perfect place for daughter Carter’s swing to be hung from. It also softens the look of the exterior, which incorporates large amounts of glass, cedar and steel.

The relaxed yet designer appearance of the home suits both Noel's and Kerina’s style. They went into the process with a joint understanding of what they wanted to achieve.

“We had a clear idea of the materials and style we wanted and I didn’t deviate from this, as that’s when things can become cluttered and confusing,” explains Noel. “I spent a summer on the deck listening to music designing this house, there was no pressure and I could alter and adjust it in between surfs! I’d move a wall and then re-sketch it and show Kerina, although she got a little over it after a while. I think I’ve got about 20 sketches largely of the same design!”

The only thing that did make them stop and think was when they found out they were expecting their first child. “The only change from the original sketch was a month after we had finalised the layout. What was going to be the music/media space became our daughter’s room,” says Noel with a laugh. 

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