13 November 2011


ABOVE Large windows spanning each side of the house allow an abundance of light into the home.

Drawing on the 1970s as inspiration, a Hamilton couple were not afraid to be different when it came to their contemporary new residence. 

Words Soraya Nicholas     Photography Kelsi Duin & Amanda Aitken

When Ian and Maree Booth sold their home, they had no intention of building again. But after looking for something new, it soon became apparent that finding a house that appealed to them was not going to be an easy task. “We were actually looking at a house for sale when we saw this piece of land, and we soon decided to build,” says Maree.

After talking to Noel Jessop and Nick Crossfield at Noel Jessop Architecture, Ian and Maree were keen to use the firm again, as Noel had designed their previous home. And when they saw the concept Noel and Nick had devised for them, there was no turning back. Despite not showing the architects any photos of what they had in mind, Noel and Nick  understood everything the Booths had attempted to convey, right down to their 1970s inspiration.

While they were keen to be as open as possible to bold new design ideas, the Booths did have a few non-negotiable inclusions. “We really wanted to incorporate a sunken lounge, and the slats leading down to the room were important too,” explains Maree. The dark cedar on the exterior was also something the couple suggested, with Noel and Nick adding extra finesse by incorporating red brick. This theme was carried through into the interior, with a unique brick feature wall in the lounge.

The sunken lounge is without a doubt Maree’s favourite room, and architectural designer Noel agrees. “I’d actually like this space in my own home!” The master bedroom is another room the Booths love, as it has the same shag-pile carpet as the lounge, and they adore their large ensuite bathroom and walk-in-wardrobe.

Compared to many other new homes, Ian and Maree’s house is both bold and unique, due in part to the couple trusting Noel and Nick's creativity implicitly. “When you put the house into its current residential context, aesthetically it is very different to its surrounding neighbours,” explains Noel. “We viewed the house as a whole and looked to provide a very cohesive package, a structure that you either liked or you didn’t.”

Clearly it was a design that appealed to Ian and Maree immediately, with the couple raving about their new house. “The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re building is to go with what you want. Don’t let anyone sway you or change your mind, be bold if that’s what you want,” says Maree. It’s an attitude that has served them well, and allowed them the confidence to create a distinctive home that they are immensely proud of. •

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