19 Januari 2012

LIBRARY - New National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague

LIBRARY - New National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague

J. MAYER H. Project Team: Juergen Mayer H., Jonathan Busse, Christoph Emenlauer, Hans-Juergen Wetlesen, Paul Angelier, Marcus Blum, Alessandra Raponi

International Competition 2006

Multidisciplinary Engineers: Krebs und Kiefer Beratende Ingenieure für das Bauwesen GmbH, Karlsruhe

The building occupies the centre of the site, reaching out to its edges with branches that relate to the scale of the neighbouring buildings, with the streetscape is defined by similar open and closed volumes. Large cantilevers interlock the building with the urban landscape, providing entry areas and protected open areas. Two public entrances, one on the Milady Horákové Avenue and one on the park side allow pedestrian a connection and good public access from the subway and by foot from the city through the park. Administration entry, delivery entrance and entry to the parking garage are along the double lane one-way street leading from Milady Horákové Avenue to Badeviko Street. The New National Library building is considered as a node in the network system of information and communication in the 21st Century. The building functions as a built manifesto to interconnect artefacts and virtual libraries on site as well as through the internet. Branches of the building reach out into the context to melt building, landscape and public space. One branch moves up to overlook the city of 1000 towers, adding one more to this ensemble, which proudly proclaims the precious collection of the National Archive. The program of the building is defined in three categories: Archive, Public and Work/Study. The archive provides the foundation and grows into the tower. The public spaces define the ground floor and the top of the tower. The work/study floors house administration and open stack library functions as a similar system of shelves and tables which are organized in a radial ring structure around the centre core of the National Archive.

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