24 Desember 2011

"We will work with all our might to make the wishes of Madridismo come true"

Christmas is a time for hope, enthusiasm and joy. These emotions strongly come together at Real Madrid. They are taken to another level and instilled in their millions of supporters through hard work, sacrifice and professionalism. This is the foundation for the success of the best football club in history. Six of the of the club's leading figures, led by President Florentino Perez, met around a Christmas tree to toast a 2012 full of success and share their best wishes for all Madridistas.

"We're grateful for the support, loyalty and affection that you've all given us in 2011," said the President, "The club draws its strength from this unity. We're going to work with all our might to make the wishes of Madridismo come true. We wish to correspond you all with titles and success because Real Madrid is a club born to win. That's what our supporters wish."
Who better than Jose Mourinho to make these dreams come true, a coach who has put Real Madrid back on the path to winning titles thanks to the team's triumph in the Copa del Rey. "We must continue to be serious and respect the history of the club to build a great Real Madrid side," said the coach, "We must give our all in every game and training session. And, naturally, we want to add to our 2011 Copa del Rey title with more success in the new year."

Captain Iker Casillas looks "to take another step forward and do better than last year, always giving it our best shot." Sergio Ramos concurs: "We will try to have the same drive and sense of sacrifice we've had till now so that fans feel proud of being Madridistas." Gonzalo Higuain and Marcelo, the foreigners with the longest tenure on the squad, also wish for the best in 2012. "We want to keep up the good work and we will have the necessary pride and professional character to fight for titles," said the Argentine. "We will make sacrificices in every game because that's how titles will eventually arrive and it's the way to make fans happy," added the Brazilian left back.

But the greatness of the best club of the 20th Century doesn't just lie on the sporting field. This club is great also for its financial strength, which closely relates to success in sports. Florentino Perez promises it will continue to be a priority because "financial solvency gives us a greater acquisitive power and independence to help us continue to enlarge the legend of Real Madrid."

All toasted for a successful 2012 around a Christmas tree. "The Copa del Rey was something Madridistas longed for," said Perez, "We won the title in an historic final." "There are many reasons to be very proud of that," added Mourinho, "But it's also important to finish the year as leaders in La Liga and to see there is no one above us on the table." First and second team captains Casillas and Ramos believe the Copa del Rey title has "helped Real Madrid return to be amongst the greatest, which is where they should always be. The team has recovered what this club has always represented throughout the wolrd."

This is a time for families and friends to come together. Some return home, such as Marcelo and Higuain, who will cross the Atlantic Ocean to be with their loved ones. Sergio Ramos will return to Seville, where he "will have time to reflect back on all the good and bad things that happened this year." The Portuguese manager will visit another country with his children, while the President and Casillas will stay home with their loved ones.

The six men reflected on what the future may bring for a team that has returned to the winning path and that is destined to win many titles for years to come thanks to the youth of its squad. Madridistas are excited and hoping to see the history of the greatest club of the 20th Century enlarged by more titles.


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