7 Desember 2011

Lee Seunggi says, “I’m not like that”

Singer Lee Seung Gi expressed his burdens of being coined as the nation’s sweetheart.

On the November 23rd airing of SBS ‘Midnight TV Entertainment‘, Lee Seung Gi spent some quality time with his fans and discussed the kind of image he has on TV.

Lee Seung Gi shared some of the things he read online, which netizens had written up about him on various online community boards. Some netizens claimed to have seen him recycling and cleaning his streets on Thanksgiving and how another saw him interact with a die-hard fan on the elevator who was extremely shocked to see him. To ease her surprise and her embarrassment, he apparently offered her his autograph and took a photo with her.

The singer remarked,  ”They say things like, ‘That’s Seung Gi for ya. Always so proper and polite’. But I assure you, I’ve never done these things they claimed to see me do. I’m not such a nice, straight-edged, proper guy“. Regardless, he expressed his thanks to his fans that have made him out to be such a kind and well-mannered individual.

Lee Seung Gi also revealed that when he is in a relationship, he has a hard time embracing his girlfriend’s past. 

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