4 Desember 2011


All About Zen
ASUS ZENBOOK™, the incredible Ultrabook™

The ZENBOOK™ is a far cry from commodity notebook PCs that are built to simply get the job done. It’s an exercise in philosophy, created by people who spend much time and effort to find a balance between technological advancement and better living. While the modern era is typified by rapid change and upheaval, the ZENBOOK™ epitomizes tranquility that seamlessly integrates with the lives of users. It is an initiative to fuse beauty, strength and stability in pure unison, built on new values, and evolved for a new age where finding what’s truly important in our lives is more vital than ever. It is the world’s first PC that encourages people to seek greater meaning in their interactions with technology, rather than simply offer new gadgets. Simple, subtle but totally sophisticated, the ASUS ZENBOOK™ can be your companion and guide in this new phase of technological evolution.

Entirely new fabrication and assembly processes had to be developed to produce the ZENBOOK™, calling for new machining tools.

In the below image, chief ZENBOOK™ designer Loewy shows us that the design team was trying to get the same thin and light profile of a super-high quality watch when developing the ZENBOOK™.

They were also going for a seamless and smooth look, with an embedded keyboard and an oversized, integrated touchpad that would be roomy despite the overall compact form factor of the machine. Keeping the proportions just right was critical.

Angular harmony was another highlight of the design process. The ZENBOOK™ had to have a sharp culminating point on one end, and a rounded, smooth curve on the other. They even paid close attention to the underside, which for the first time ever on a notebook gets the same aluminum hairline treatment as the rest of the machine.

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