2 November 2011

WiMax in Greater Jakarta Reaches 7 thousand customers


Since its launch in June and made free trial to the public in September 2010 and officially launched their service in the first quarter 2011, Sitra Wimax, brand subsidiary of PT First Media Tbk said the number of customers continued to increase.

Until now, operators of telecommunications service providers fourth generation (4G) states, they have served 7000 users in the Greater Jakarta area, especially in West Jakarta, Karawaci, Bintaro, and analytical ability.

"Users of the most widely utilize WiMax 4G service are those who live in the area Karawaci, Kebon Jeruk, Puri Indah, and surrounding areas," said Jerome Tea, Chief Marketing Officer at Sitra Wimax VIVAnews in Jakarta, November 1, 2011.

Jerome says, of that number, the most widely used service users is the Limited Edition package that is only provided for the five thousand subscribers. "Of the three options namely Limited Edition package, the Starter Pack 5 and Sitra Biz, Limited Edition package most preferred. The reason, this package offers the highest access speed and the largest quota, "he said.

During the roll out of services, Jerome said, so far it is continuing to receive feedback from customers. "A lot of complaints and questions about the limitations of entry is the coverage area that supports the signal from the Sitra Wimax 4G," said Jerome

"From the customer's own pay-Sitra; the things complained of is a sudden interruption of the connection or the limitations of modem signals are captured customers who mostly caused by the presence of interference or illegal user network in our frequency," said Jerome. "We continue to optimize our services related to this matter," he said.

To that end, Jerome said it will continue to expand the network. "Until next year, we target to build 900 base stations across Jakarta," he said.

Then, what about the fate of other regions of the responsibilities of Sitra Wimax to roll out WiMax services in Greater Jakarta, Banten and northern Sumatra?

"Our focus is to increase while customer satisfaction in the coverage area," said Jerome. "Our commitment is to become the leading broadband operators and serve customers by providing QOS (Quality of Service) are both satisfactory," Jerome reasoned.

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