15 September 2011

avr study board: a mega16 board with high performance and low cost

AVR Study Board Enhanced from Inova Electronics is a high-performance and low cost Mega16 board. It is well designed for university students, young engineers and electronic enthusiasts to practice AVR programming and to develop their own projects.

The board is compact, however being constructed with all basic peripheral devices for embedded system beginner. Worthwhile to mention here is that it provides three additional facilities for advanced programming: 1. Serial-in-parallel-out port for SPI communication, 2. I2C implemented clock/calendar and 3. Step motor drive. 
Mega16 (16MHz)
The main devices on board:
one 8-way dipswitch
four push buttons
four micro switches
two groups of 8-LEDs with enhanced drive
serial-communication implemented 4-digit LED 7-segment display
LCD 1602 with backlight
Serial-in-parallel-out port (74HC395)
Real-time timer/calendar
Step motor drive
JTAG interface
ISP interface
RS232 interface
RESET circuit
Independent pin headers for PORTA, PORTB, PORTC, 和PORTD
pin headers of VCC and GND for on board testing
DC power input jack
5V voltage regulator with bypass switch
There are a few of videos made on its application: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBSFESua6OA&feature=channel_page, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By8sg6gUv84&feature=channel. For more information, you can contact Dr G Yao on MSN: jimyao2@hotmail.com .

Source : http://www.avrfreaks.net

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